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Non-removable Tamper Proof GPS Tracker Ankle Tracking Bracelet for House Arrest,Offender Parolee Tracking,Bail Out

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Product Manual:Tamper Proof GPS Tracker Ankle Tracking Bracelet for House Arrest Offender Parolee Tracking Bail Out

Non-removable tamper proof GPS Tracking Bracelet with Tamper warning alert and locking band

Perfect for tracking and monitoring personnel for :

Home Quarantine , House Arrest, Sex Violent Offender, on parole Parolee Monitoring, Bail Out service, social correctional service.

  • Feature
  • Specification
  • Accessories
  • Packaging
•Water proof IP67
•Tamper proof bracelet with special locking band
•Alerts when bracelet is removed or cut off
•Long battery life up to 7days,with Low battery alert
Accurate real time location tracking by Swiss-made GPS chip (UbloX+SIMCOM)
•Geo Fencing alerts when entered prohibited areas
•SOS button for emergence rescure
•Voice surveillance for spying
•Auto Power on & Power off at scheduled time
Wireless charging(optional)
Battery:Rechargeable 750 mAh battery(3.7V) Charging Voltage : DC 4.5-5.5V/750mA
Dimension : 55*43*13mm Weight 147.5g 
GSM Module :
Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS Chipset:  Ublox chipset
GPS Sensitivity : -160Db GPS Frequency : L1, 1575.42 MHz
Channels : 50 Channels Position Accuracy :<5 M, 2D RMS

Hot Start up : Average 1 second

Warm Start up : Average 3 second

Cold Start up : Average 27 second

Max. Altitude : 18,000m (Max. 60,000 ft)

Max. Speed : 500 m/s (Max. 1000 knots)

Max. Acceleration : less than 4g

LED : status of power, GPS, GSM Operating Temperature : -20 ~ +55 °C

GPS bracelet, 

Unlock key, 

Screw driver, 

Power Adaptor, 

Charging cradle

Paper Box
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