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Noise Canceling Speaker For Truck Radio

Product Item: SP606
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Product Manual:External Speaker NOISE-CANCELING

This External Speaker NOISE-CANCELING provides clear & crisp voice, it attaches to any CB radio devices by a 3.5mm plug, coming with 6ft cords and swivel mounting bracket for installation. It is compatible with CB radios, scanners, and radio equipment with a 3.5 mm jack for connecting external speakers.

Perfect For

- External Speaker for GPS navigation system or tracker system.
- Extension CB Speaker for two way radio & audio amplify
- External Speaker for Walkie Talkie
- Extension Speaker for vehicle & truck,hand-free mobile communication
- CB Speaker in Dispatch Communication for taxi,bus,fleet management


Noise Canceling
Impedance : 8ohm / 4ohm
Power handling: Max. 8W
Speaker : 77 mm
Cord Length:  6ft with 3.5mm Mono plug
Size: 125 x 106 x 39 mm

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