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Person Alarm GPS Ankle Monitor For Offender,Parolee

Product Item: MT200X-4G
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Person Alarm
Product Manual:Ankle GPS Monitor Tamper-proof for Offender,House Arrest,Parolee Tracker GPS Bracelet for Bail Out

Person Alarm Ankle GPS Monitor Tamper-proof for Offender,House Arrest,Bail,Parolee Tracker GPS Bracelet

Perfect for tracking and monitoring personnel for :

Home Quarantine , House Arrest, Sex Violent Offender, on parole Parolee Monitoring, Bail Out service, social correctional service.

  • Feature
  • Specification
  • Accessories
  • Packaging
•Waterproof IP68
•Tamper proof with Lock & Key Security Bracelet
•Alerts when bracelet is removed or cut off
4G LTE 3G/2G network global coverage.
•Long battery life up to 7days: Charges the device using portable battery pack for full mobility,
Low battery Alert
Accurate real time location tracking by Swiss-made GPS chip (UbloX+SIMCOM)
•Geo Fencing alerts when entered prohibited areas
•SOS button for emergence rescure
•Voice surveillance
Two-Way Voice Speaker Phone Communication
•Auto Power on & Power off at scheduled time
Wireless charging(optional)
Ruggedized Case Material: ABS + PC composition with corrosion resistance
Battery:Rechargeable 1600 mAh battery(3.7V) Charging Voltage : DC 5.V/750mA
Dimension : 76*64*20mm Weight 173g


3G WCDMA Frequency :


Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

GPS Chipset:  Ublox chipset
GPS Sensitivity : -160Db GPS Frequency : L1, 1575.42 MHz
Channels : 50 Channels Position Accuracy :<5 M, 2D RMS

Hot Start up : Average 1 second

Warm Start up : Average 3 second

Cold Start up : Average 27 second

Max. Altitude : 18,000m (Max. 60,000 ft)

Max. Speed : 500 m/s (Max. 1000 knots)

Max. Acceleration : less than 4g

LED : status of power, GPS, GSM Operating Temperature : -20 ~ +55 °C

GPS bracelet,

Unlock key,

Screw driver,

Power Adaptor,

Charging cradle

Paper Box
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